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New Area Collection Weaves Themes of Nature and Beauty Minneapolis, MN, May 24th, 2016

Area Environments 2016 Wallcovering Collection presents four new artists who bring their diverse perspectives on themes that encompass the natural world. Collection will launch at Dwell on Design LA June 24th-26th @ Los Angeles Convention Center.

This collection presents four different artists from around the world who offer varied interpretations of nature including the study and mediation of the ancient Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi by UK artist, Beth Nicholas, the stunning abstractions of flowers and botanicals by New York based artist and fashion designer, Carlos Ramirez, the life sized paintings of pigeons by Amsterdam based artist Adele Renault as well as the lush botanical studies of Polish illustrator, Agata Wierzbicka.

“Working on this collection over the winter invoked the feeling and longing for lush botanicals, birds, and all of the natural elements that go missing during these cold months. As we dive into the wonder and beauty of the natural world through these artists’ work we see their insight and talent, their subject matter portrayed with eloquence and dedication.” –Kathryn Korb, Creative Director

Area Environments is a creative studio that curates original work from contemporary artists and produces unique wallpapers and large-scale murals. We believe in the power of art to transform space and experience.



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