Design Tuesday: Watershed Sculpture

I love finding great design, I seek it out on a regular basis. I was downright ecstatic when I stumbled across Watershed Sculpture about two months ago. This duo of amazing artists Daniel McCormick and Mary O'Brian stole my heart with both their art and mission. Based out of California, Daniel and Mary have created their environmentally focused sculptures throughout the US.

The sculptures they create are not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, they are actually good for our environment. McCormick and O'Brian concentrate on repairing and healing riparian zones, the area between land and a river. The sculptures are built with the intention to prevent erosion, protect water quality, provide corridors and natural habitat for wildlife, and maintain the health of the in-stream biota. Many of our rivers are being affected by land clearing, livestock grazing, pollutants, invasive species, etc. The sculptors use natural resources that are found in the same area they are repairing to build their works of art. This allows the sculpture to integrate seamlessly into the environment.

There is a beautiful balance of structure and impermanence when one sees these works of art. McCormick's and O'Brian's sculpture is wonderful to observe, to see the natural and leading lines created, the placement of the materials, and the skill and artistry of the assemblage itself. To understand the artists' mark, their signature, dissolves into the landscape and becomes a living, evolving entity, challenges the viewer to remember the art as well as the purpose.

I am enamored with the transformative process and the partnership with mother nature that these artists have created. I wrote about the ten principles of good design a couple of weeks ago and this work touches every single one, effortlessly. I encourage you to read more about Watershed Sculptures and their mission. Someday, I hope to volunteer on one of their teams.