Artist Corner: Nicolas Party

Nicolas Party is a Swiss born artist currently living in Glasgow, Scotland. I was turned onto him through his most recent show at the Inverleith House in Edinburgh called 'Boys and Pastels'.  I only saw pictures of the show and was completely blown away. If I could have transported myself magically (i.e. free of charge) to this show I would have. I'll start by saying the gallery space is airy and beautiful and would be a dream location for a solo show. It looks like they encourage the use of the entire house.

What caught my eye about this show was the use of the space. Party uses the entire wall to create a place for his work to live. The walls could stand on their own without the framed art and the art could as well. But instead he uses both elements to create a beautifully unique experience. Obviously, I love the idea of playing with scale and artwork that spans entire walls and in itself creates a type of installation art. Area was born out of this concept, the desire to see art dominate and evoke a sense of the space. Nicolas Party was a graffiti artist originally and I can see the concept of filling a wall or creating large-scale stories with his work has stayed with him. What I love so much in his work is his ability to capture so much energy in his still life's. The vibrancy of color in his paintings and the perfectly paired walls form a relationship with each other creating a playful energy with objects as mundane as a teapot or spoon.

I was captivated by him and I hope you can find some inspiration from his work.  More pics here!