We at Area have been a bit lazy in our blog posting. This is all about to change as several of us have decided to be blog authors on a more regular basis. Be gentle in thought, for we are not literary geniuses nor are we grammatical hotshots. We do however have opinions. Opinions about art, life, design, and this crazy cool company we work for called Area Environments. 

Join us in our crazy adventure of blogging.  Please comment and suggest what you would like to hear. We are collaborators, we will learn from our readers what is relevant and worthwhile and at the end of the day, we will probably need more ideas.

Here is an idea of the who, what and when…



Hi it's Kathryn here... My offerings on the Area blog will be writing about my latest artist obsession every Wednesday. If you're an artist that would like to be featured, write to me. Every Friday I will give you a mixtape of music. Music is my other main love beyond art so I will geek out with you every Friday with a compilation that I put together from the latest stuff I am listening to. I'm thinking themes... so if you have a good theme let know and I will do my best to soundtrack it.



Each Tuesday will be all about design. With a degree in Graphic Design I lean towards the realm of commercial art but I was a photographer long before I was a designer. The lens of my camera has been my window to the world. I have documented nature for so long that I have boxes upon boxes filled with thousands of negatives from my awe  (thank goodness digital came along). My inspiration is generated from nature for my own artwork, so I am sure it is bound to show up in my Design Tuesday posts.