Design Tuesday: Good Design

What makes for good design? I have agonized over this question so many times in various papers I had to write for school. Now I can cheat and share with you the 10 Principles of Good Design by German designer Dieter Rams. And really, why rewrite what is already well done.  I believe he hit the nail head-on when he generated this list. It is the best reference I have come by when asking if a design is worthwhile. Rams generated this list back in the 80's after questioning his own designs. They are every bit as relevant today as they were 30 years ago. 

  1. Innovative
  2. Useful
  3. Aesthetic
  4. Understandable
  5. Unobtrusive
  6. Honest
  7. Long-Lasting
  8. Attention to Detail
  9. Environmentally Friendly
  10. Little Design as Possible

I also cannot help but be drawn to his ideas and beliefs. A belief that products should be designed to last. Products and designs that are useful and not created for the sole purpose of making money or to be disposed of so that another has to be purchased. 


"The value, and especially the legislation of design will be, in the future, measured more in terms of how it can enable us to survive...on this planet."
-Dieter Rams
Audio 310 designed by Rams in 1971 

Audio 310 designed by Rams in 1971