Where do you live?

I live in a century old home in the downtown of a city just outside Toronto Canada called Brampton. My studio is in a building about 2 blocks from my home.

 What are your favorite things about your city?

Because I live in the downtown I can walk to so many places, and we have a beautiful park a block away with a gorgeous outdoor skating trail in the winter, and rollerblading in the summer.

What are some emotions you try and bring to some of your work?

In my work I really try to have a sense of mystery, some ambiguity that leaves room for the viewer to wonder and contemplate. I also try to have a bold & somewhat simple composition at a distance, but upon closer inspection reveals much more complexity.

 What are some events or tendencies in the world today that affects the way you work?

I have realized that creating something beautiful is not frivolous at all but rather a necessity in the harsh realities of our world today.

 Do you have some favorite periods in art or design story?

Although I started out with a much more realistic style…I’m an Abstract Expressionist at heart! I also really identify with the Bay Area Figurative artists.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get started and what made you want to become a designer/artist?

I was always drawing and being creative from a very early age and there was nothing else I wanted to do. The only time in my life when I wasn’t drawing or painting was a period of time when I owned and operated a restaurant. But that was a great experience too….for different reasons!

What is the atmosphere of your studio like? Do you have any sort of rhythm or process when starting a new project?

It’s funny but over time my studio time has become quieter and quieter. I used to get energy from loud music but I’ve gradually become quieter and more purposeful and focused.

What are some of the things you like best about being an artist/designer?

I love being in a position of constantly learning and discovering, and getting better as I get older!

Karen's studio

Karen's studio

Sampling Karen's work "Journey" at Area

Sampling Karen's work "Journey"
at Area

"Journey" installed

"Journey" installed