It's been a pleasure getting to know Andrea while working on the new collection for Area. Her work has an otherworldly feeling to it as she paints with the elements in mind. Drawing inspiration from the human experience of love, passion, sadness, pain, pleasure, temperature and all things ephemeral she creates work that feels ethereal, airy and soft. Below is a small  glimpse into her  day to day life and her working process. Enjoy!


Where do you live and what are some of your favorite things about your city?

I live in Austin, Texas just south of downtown. I work in my home studio, formally a sunroom that was added onto the house by the previous owners.

There is never a shortage of fun; Austin is such a magical place. It’s home to some great art, food and live music, as well as some unique natural and water features like the Lady Bird Lake that runs through the middle of downtown. Lady Bird, subsequently, was responsible for the famous bluebonnet explosion that happens here every Spring. There is interesting wildlife like the Mexican free tail bats that migrate here every summer.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get started and what made you want to become a designer/artist?

I started painting when I was two years old. My father is also a professional artist, and my mother, a museum curator, so I’ve always had a hand in art in some way. I grew up in art galleries, at show openings and art museums.

What are some emotions you try and bring to some of your work?

I approach my work with an open mind and start without knowing what the end result will be. The trials of daily life always influence my work, so related emotions might filter in whether I like it or not. Also, if paint accidentally drops, I let it stay there, allowing it to function as a record of that particular moment in time.

What is the atmosphere of your studio like? Do you have any sort of rhythm or process when starting a new project?

I try to keep my studio uncluttered and peaceful so I don’t get distracted. I listen to music in my headphones so that I can tune out the world as much as possible, and so that all I am focusing on is the work at hand. Lately, I have been listening to psychedelic or ambient music or to music with complex lyrics or storylines like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

What are some things you like best about being an artist/designer?

Being an artist allows me to connect with people at a deeper level as compared to just a handshake or small talk. I am always surprised by how people relate to what I do. I can never predict someone’s reaction or connection to the work, which keeps things fresh. I am a classic introvert, so it’s a profession that suits me the best. I also love that I can use my art to support humanitarian efforts I believe in, like rebuilding the Gulf Coast after the Horizon oil spill.