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It brings us joy to shine a light on artists from around the world through our collections. However, did you know that Area also has the ability to create completely custom wall coverings? So many great ideas out there in the world of interior design. Let your imagination run wild and let us create your next great idea for wall covering.

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Your idea/ our designers

Bring your ideas to life using the immense skills and resources of Area team members.

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Your Art work

Have us scale your artwork to create a wall mural. Do not have a digital file? No problem we can scan your artwork for a small fee. 

Do you have a piece of artwork that would make a fantastic mural?

We have the scanning capabilities to translate that work into a digital file.

Do you already have a file or digitally created image?

We can assess whether it will enlarge to your wall height with sufficient clarity and image resolution.

Do you simply have an idea or an inspiration image?

Our team can generate original designs for you!

Helpful things to consider:

When dealing with original artwork, a copyright release form will be required to confirm that you have the legal right to reproduce the work.

Files presented to Area should be a minimum of 300 dpi. Vector files work best.

Pricing for design work, including file setup, is dependent upon the time necessary to produce the desired result.

A strike off for approval will always be provided and is included in the design fees.

Timing is dependent on the design process. Production lead times are standard once a design is approved.

The dimensions of your space affect the manipulation of the file. The taller the wall, the greater the file resolution will need to be.

Real Spaces

Whittier Advertising    Saint Paul, Minnesota

Whittier Advertising

Saint Paul, Minnesota