Color Companion

Create the perfect complement to any mural

A “quiet” wall should never be dull. For those places meant to hum with subdued elegance, we offer Color Companion: a rich blend of color and texture to complement our murals. We use two elements - one for touch, another for appearance. The substrate is embossed with physical texture. Then we print a pattern that emphasizes the texture of silk, grass cloth, or leather.

Creating your Color Companion is simple:

1. Choose your textured substrate: Raw Silk, Grass Cloth, or Leather.

2. Choose a color: Any color.

3. Choose an opacity for the printed pattern: From 100% to 1%.


Raw Silk

DMB_Downtown Train_Interior.jpg


BN_Time to Breathe_Interior.jpg

Grass Cloth


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I limited to certain colors?

Not at all; we can use any color you like. The above examples simply show one way that you can select colors to complement a specific mural.

2. Can I purchase Color Companion panels without a mural?

Certainly! We’re happy to help you match the look to other elements in your space.

3. What is the price?

We offer quantity pricing on this value-engineered product. Please inquire with your local Area Environments representative to receive a quote.