Carl Heyward

Central Point, OR


Carl Heyward is originally from Washington D.C. and lived there till he was 12 years old. An exhibiting artist since the early 1970’s, Carl actually started his creative career as a musician with his brother.

While he was attending Georgia State University, he found himself writing for the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine, High Performance, Artweek, Artscribe and others about musicians who also painted. The connection was then made from music to visual art. Heyward began to create with photography and film which led to mixed media and woven works. You can still see that influence in his artwork today.

Carl has taught in the Master of Fine Arts program at San Francisco Academy of Art University. He continues to teach mixed-media painting which incorporates various disciplines including printmaking.

Heyward is also the founder of GAP (Global Art Project), an international collaborative group of 55 artists from 12 countries. Two of the pieces in our collection, Songs After Dark and Egg Anxiety are works from a collaboration with one of GAP’s members Akiko Suzuki, an award winning contemporary quilt maker from Osaka, Japan.

When asked about his work, Carl says,

“I keep it simple. It is a way to make sense of the world, offering solace and gives clues to purpose or potential.”

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