Area Environments is a creative studio that produces exclusive wallpapers and large-scale murals from original work by contemporary artists. Our unique, curated approach to wall coverings is inspired by our passion for fine art and an obsession with quality.

Our studio was founded in 2012 out of an adoration for fine art. The genesis of Area Environments stemmed from our excitement about how art can influence an area and our curiosity in developing a mood or feeling within a space. Four years later and after many lessons learned, we continue to redefine what a wall covering can be by establishing a deep connection between art and environment. 

Our participating artists are from all over the world, and we consider them our partners. They bring their own artistic voices, stories, and talents to Area, allowing us to have the most compelling collection on the market. We are proud of our artists and honor their work by maintaining the integrity of their original art, as well as by compensating them with a portion of each sale.

We are committed to providing artwork that inspires the creative process, delivering unparalleled personal service, and continuously surprising and delighting everyone who works with us. We look forward to collaborating with you on your next project.