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Area Environments was founded in 2012 out of a shared adoration of fine art. In the five years since, we remain just as committed to selecting artwork that inspires the creative process, delivering unparalleled service, and surprising and delighting all who work with us. We appreciate your interest as we continue to grow, and we look forward to collaborating with you on your next project.


Jamie Reich    


From studying both art and theater at the University of Buffalo to working as the prop master at the famed Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Jamie Reich – the owner and founder of both Apropos Painting Studio and Area Environments – has a long, illustrious history as an artistic innovator. Apropos Painting Studio has been in business for over 25 years and has evolved into a booming art, fabrication, and print business that employs a growing number of artists and tradespeople. Apropos has created sets for numerous film projects and produces ongoing interior projects for hundreds of retail stores worldwide.

"What sets us apart from other companies is that we are all artists creating wallpaper with artists' eyes. The care and time we take to create the best, most visually appealing paper has paid off for us; our customers recognize this as well and keep coming back for more. Starting Area is one of the most exciting things I've ever done. As we continue to seek out artists from around the world, our collection of unique designs will inspire new ways of relating to and using wallpaper. It is truly rewarding to share our love of art."


Diane Perry      

Operations Manager / Designer

Diane came to Area with impressive photography and graphic design skills. In addition to designing and creating all of the marketing materials for Area, she manages and oversees all of our internal workings as Operations Manager. We all wear many hats at Area, and no one does it more effortlessly than Diane.

“I have obtained bliss! I am so lucky to be able to work for a really cool company that values art and the creative process.”

Originally from Colorado, Diane moved to Minnesota in 2012 to attend the graphic design program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Charmed by the concept of Area, she jumped on board and set sail on what has become an incredible journey. Her life beyond work includes being the mother of two young men who are fully grown, but still need “Mom” every now and then. Dedicating her time to family, friends, volunteering, design, art of all mediums, and the occasional happy hour leads to a very full life for Diane.

Amy Jo Fuller    

National Sales Manager

Returning to design after a four-year hiatus in the bike industry felt like coming home to Amy Jo. She was especially thrilled to be joining the Area team, as wallpaper is in her blood: growing up with a British mum, Amy Jo helped her mother change and install new wallpaper many times. She gives her mother credit for sparking her interest in design: “She would rearrange rooms in our house – furniture and artwork – and I could feel the impact that would have.”  

Originally educated in the field of higher education, Amy Jo pursued a certificate in interior design while working for an online university. From there she took a position at Holly Hunt in the textile department of its Minneapolis showroom. After several years, she moved to Chicago, home to Holly Hunt's corporate office. Overall, she spent nearly 10 years at the eponymous design house.

As part of Area, Amy Jo brings a passion for design and a sales philosophy focused on customer service and building relationships. 


Trinity Thioulon  

Pre-Press Operator / Designer

As the pre-press guru, Trinity’s job is to create wallpaper from the artwork that has been selected for our collections. From adding custom colors to creating pattern repeats, Trinity has his hand on every aspect of the creation process. 

“The further I have gone down the wallpaper rabbit hole, the more fascinating it becomes.”

Trinity graduated in 2001 from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with a degree in fine art and took his sweet time doing it. Since then, he has worked in the field of graphic design and pre-press printing, but he considers this to be the coolest job yet. Trinity likes the versatility of Area and enjoys working with so many skilled and talented people. Developing wallpaper for Area has been a new and challenging experience for him. Some of Trinity's interests include spending time with his family, playing the geetar, and – like David Bowie – long moonlit walks on the moon.


Resource Librarian / Sales Assistant

“Jen Norman’s my name, organizing is my game!”

We’re talking OCD-level organizational skills. Alphabetizing, numerical, by color… you name, it she’ll arrange it. Nothing makes her happier than everything having a place, and everything being in its place!

As the Resource Librarian, this skill truly comes in handy. She'll make sure your showroom and client samples are stocked and sent in the timeliest manner possible.

Jennifer comes from the design world, and when she’s not at Area counting and putting things all in a row, she's most likely to be found in her home studio printing on her letterpress or making color swatch books. She loves paper, ribbon, scissors, and finding unique ways to use and play with them. Her husband thinks she hoards these supplies; however, she prefers to think of herself as an aggressive curator. Plus, they're all organized neatly!

Jennifer especially loves to find the perfect gift and wrap it perfectly – her motto is never to underestimate the gift of a prettily wrapped present. She searches for inspiration in everyday details that are often overlooked and can get lost on Pinterest “for days.” What's more, she often picks her outfits from the bottom up because she's shoe-obsessed. Oh, yeah, and she says she'll never have enough Japanese craft and design books or Australian magazines!




The Apropos + Area Family

The Apropos + Area Family